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What is an Unnatural Resource and the Unnatural Resources Institute?

To clarify: an unnatural resource is material that has been used once or is a scrap from a larger project. It can’t be found in that form in nature because man has changed it. This is a more fashionable name for our solid waste, trash, and garbage and it also makes it sound more reusable. Solid waste sounds untouchable.

The reusing arrow in the recycling icon is the hardest request for residents. The others two are easy. Recycling means to collect the materials for someone else to haul off and sell to a company that makes things from unnatural resources. Reducing our waste is not hard. It means to buy in larger quantities with less packaging and in the end usually more economical. Reusing is the hardest because it requires five things: Desire, A Creative Imagination, Time, Tools, and Skill. People are not born with imagination and creativity. They are developed. To quote Albert Einstein: "Imagination is more important than knowledge." We need to teach students and residents to "think outside the box."

The job of the Unnatural Resources Institute is to inspire residents and students to make reusing fashionable and fun by having programs, forming clubs, and developing unnatural resource fairs of all sizes that promote reusing. This brings families together, and reinforces self-confidence, as old skills are refined and new ones acquired. Both young and old can expand their problem solving and creative skills while working with what is available. This process encourages education as it fosters recycling awareness. As we are reducing landfill waste and uniting those involved with unnatural resources, we are also forging support links among people, schools, and communities.

Our residents need to learn to reuse unnatural resources instead of burying them in their local landfills or transferring them to another county or state. The more people think of ways to reuse and recycle the more products and less waste we will have.

The Institute will help individuals and groups with workshops, seminars, demonstrations and speakers in their community or schools to help build more interest in unnatural resource development. The residents of Pitt County have had a lot of educational fun with the annual Unnatural Resources Fair competition since 1991.

The Unnatural Resources Institute’s ultimate goal is for residents in all counties to bring competitive ideas to compete for awards at a state level. Picture a State Unnatural Resources Fair to showcase the imagination and inventiveness of citizens similar to agricultural fairs for farmers and agri-business.

If you would like to be part of this new concept either as a sponsor have your recycled products and services linked on our website, have a workshop, demonstration, or speaker contact Jacqueline G Ponder at jponder@unnaturalresources.org.

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