Unnatural Resources Institute

Have Your Own Unnatural Resources Event

An easy and fun way to encourage Imagination and Creativity while Reusing and Recycling. It is an entertaining and low cost event where children learn the importance and value in Recycling and Reusing.

Unnatural Resources Fair

The standard kit includes:

  • “How to have a Unnatural Resources Event Planning Workbook”
  • Pictures of entries submitted in past Fairs
  • Ideas of things made from Unnatural Resources by category
  • Awards
    • 1 ea 7 1/2 inch high 1st Place Trophy
    • 30 Ribbons
      • 4 ea 1st Place
      • 4 ea 2nd Place
      • 4 ea 3rd Place
      • 4 ea 4th Place
      • 4 ea 5th Place
      • 3 ea 6th Place
      • 3 ea 7th Place
      • 3 ea 8th Place
      • 1 ea Honorable Mention

The Kit is provided at cost by the Unnatural Resources Institute, a 503c Non-Profit organization, for $25.00 plus taxes and shipping.

Additional trophies and/or ribbons are also available.

You can order your kit HERE!

Please Allow up to 3 weeks for Delivery