Unnatural Resources Institute

We’ve had wonderful things said about Unnatural Resources Institute over the years.  Below are a handful we wanted to save for posterity.  Please feel free to send any praise (or critique) to us via the form at the bottom of this page. 

Unnatural Resources Fair

My daughter has been a participant in the “Resources Fair” frequently and each time winning first place trophies. I greatly feel this is a great occasion and an unusual way to gain first time recognition and your child(ren) will feel like stars for a day and even weeks in their schools. The “UNNATURAL RESOURCES FAIR” “is more than fun it is a home-time experience that is recyclable in memory “. “Honor Your Mother Earth For All Ages”

Ms. Bobbie-Ann Staten


It is a pleasure to help with such a worthy event to positively influence people and the environment at the same time!

Lora Clark

College Instructor

I saw the article in the Daily Reflector about the Unnatural Resources Institute and it reminded me how important of a role the Institute's programs played in my choice to study sustainable architecture. The principles of this organization are the foundation of what all sustainable practices emerge from; culturing creative thought on how to limit consumption of natural resources and reuse what we already have, the unnatural resources. Emerging in a field of sustainable architect, Planning, and Interior Design today I have many colleagues who share in this belief and understand the need of all programs that foster sustainable education and advancement. We applaud your program and look forward to its continued growth.

Jeffery Baker

Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart & Associates Architects

The Unnatural Resources Fair has provided citizens with a hands-on, visible means of seeing how we can all be a part of saving natural resources. When we create things from products which have already utilized natural resources in their production, we save these same resources from depletion. It is a win-win situation. Learning the importance of reusing materials is key to our earth's being able to support future generations. Jackie Ponder and the Unnatural Resources Institute certainly have the right idea! Jackie Ponder and her volunteers have given the citizens and school children of Pitt County an unparalleled example of conservation packaged in a fun, competitive, learning experience for everyone. My family, including my father-in-law from Germany have entered items in the fair and taken home many a prize. We applaud your program and look forward to its continued growth.

Mary Alsentzer

Executive Director of the Pamlcio-Tar River Foundcation

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