Unnatural Resources Institute

The Unnatural Resources Fair is a place where you can display your creations and inventions made from normally discarded materials or leftovers from a larger project, i.e. Unnatural Resources. Exercise your imagination and impress your friends by winning a ribbon or trophy. You can do it. All Eastern Carolina students and residents are encouraged to enter. Ribbons and trophies are awarded with-in each category and group combination. The 33rd annual Unnatural Resources Fair will be held at the Greenville Convention Center from Feb. 21-23.  Admission is free, so click below to download this year’s informational flyer for all the details.

Unnatural Resources Fair

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    Psst. Hey! You wanna cool URI Fair badge? It's very exclusive and unique. We could be persuaded to give you one, if you come to the Unnatural Resources Fair and fulfill a few requirements. Learn all about it by clicking the link below the badge.